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ul. Słowackiego 1
62-100 Wągrowiec

Phone no. 0048 67 26 26 952
Fax no. 0048 67 26 27 154

About us

Drachpol company has been operating in the market since December 1991. At the beginning it employed 5 people and produced children’s kites. In the following few years the company expanded its business adding sports kites, garden decorations and first aid bags to its wide range of products. We produce also bags for transporting pizza and ready-made meals and military vests and bags.

At present the company is employing over 50 employees. More than 90% of our production is exported to markets in Western Europe. Our main products are medical bags and backpacks. Our offer includes bags for all the medical services, emergency ambulance and resuscitation teams and rescue teams. We also make individually tailored bags adjusting their interior to the specific needs of a rescurer of a doctor. Our bags are made of the highest quality fabric such as cordura® and complan. We can also make various imprints or inscriptions (e.g. logo or name of the rescue team). Our products receive great recognition from medical services.

We also have a sewing room equipped with machines designed for sewing heavy fabric and cutting room. We can also act as subcontractors. We quarantee prompt deliveries and highest quality.